August 23, 2021

Releasing generic multi criteria decision/prediction engine

We are releasing a self-service generic decision and prediction engine that a user can configure and use for any multicriteria decisions. We had initially developed this application for a specific use case of application rationzalition but since then we have generalized the engine so it can be used for other use cases.

As you may know, any multi criteria decision involves the following major activities:

1.   Define what is to be assessed and the assessment criteria

2.   Organize the various criteria into a tree/hierarchy

3.   Define user preferences and priorities

4.   Define questions and potential responses that relate to the assessment

5.   Define rules

6.   Survey system to capture users’ choices, preferences, and priorities

7.   Calculate AHP local and global priorities

8.   Calculate final scores and list/show decisions

The following diagram shows a high-level architecture of this app. We wanted this app to be based on microservices where each of the services can be repurposed and consumed for different use cases. The engine uses the “Multi Criteria Decision Analysis” (MCDA) discipline and “Analytic Hierarchy Process” (AHP) based methodology for decision making and objective assessments.

We are working on an extension that adds the capabilities of generating dynamic rules as opposed to using user defined rules (using AI/ML). This approach will allow us address additional use cases where an expert system may not be able to address due to the increased number of variances etc.

Check this app out if you are interested in knowing how this may work. This is a proof-of-concept app to show how an objective decision can be made based on user preferences and priorities. This app uses a database of 2020SUV models sold in the US to assist you to zero in on what may be the most suitable SUV for your needs.


One other common use case that we are helping a client customize and deploy is to identify a suitable projects to initiate (from a list of many projects with different characteristics and potentially competing goals).

Contact us ( for more info and/or a use case that you may be interested in.

Also check our website for more details on the app rationzalition product: