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Gain Valuable Insights and Fast Track
Application Modernization Efforts.

A powerful platform to rationalize and manage your portfolio, and simplify and accelerate your modernization journey

Large complex portfolio, lack of visibility and legacy debt stifles growth increases risks and cost of operations creations.

Rationalize and effectively manage your portfolio, align business strategy to enterprise architecture and gain business agility

With ever growing choices of platforms and services, many organizations are faced with “Where to begin?" and "What to do next?”

Gain clarity on future state and economics, and develop a roadmap using a data driven, objective assessment

Complex modernization efforts require extensive planning, governance and visibility across all stakeholders

Adopt simple and agile methodologies, and modern tools for planning and tracking to provide the required visibility to all stakeholders

Effective execution requires addressing scale, velocity, and safety concerns

Simplify and accelerate migration and deployments using
modern DevOps principles and tools

Products and services to help…

  • Gain greater visibility into business services and applications

  • Perform objective assessment to develop a roadmap

  • Develop and customize migration execution plans

  • Effectively manage complex projects

  • Simplify and accelerate migration and deployments

Application Rationalization Platform

Assessment Driven Image


Develop an application modernization roadmap using the assessment platform based on “Multi Criteria Decision Analysis” (MCDA) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology.

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Coming Soon - The planning platform assists in effective governance and provides visibility for all stakeholders for a complex Migration and Modernization project.

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Simplify deployments using QMCLOUD – a “No Code” cloud infrastructure deployment platform and integrate with your choice of CI/CD tools