Suite Of Tools For
App Modernization

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Manage end-to-end assessment process

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Simplify and accelerate modernization efforts

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Govern and provide visibility for complex modernization efforts

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Rationalization Platform

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Manage details and relationships of an organization’s portfolio including capabilities, services, applications, and servers
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Gather Data

Gather data using various methods including surveys, bulk import, and APIs
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Gain Insights

Perform objective assessments and gain real time, valuable and, actionable insights
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Business Services Portal

Manage details and relationships between business capabilities, business services, and applications
Maintain and manage details and dependencies between business capabilities, business services, and applications.
Data and templates from the Process Control Framework for various industries can be used to ingest data
Gain insights into health of business capabilities, and services
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Assessment Portal

Manage the end-to-end assessment process
Manage all aspects of application assessments including assessment questions, responses, criteria, hierarchy, rules, and priorities
Allow users to respond to assessment surveys to gather relevant data easily via a self-service portal
Data ingestion from various third party tools or API
Gain insights in real-time of the application portfolio
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Assessment Engine

A rules and decision engine for data driven, objective assessment
Uses Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) methodology
Predefined templates, reports for accelerated assessment
API based, Integration with assessment portal
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Valuable and actionable insights for Rationalization, Portfolio Management, and Modernization.
The following are a few examples of the outcomes:


Out of the 100s of applications, understand their disposition based on Gartner’s recommended T.I.M.E approach for application rationalization (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate)
Relative Suiability

Relative Suitability

Out of the 100s of applications, what apps are relatively suitable for movement and/or modernization?
Pattern and Disposition

Pattern and Disposition

What’s the most optimal migration and modernization pattern based on evaluation of various metrics including effort, potential risk, business value, and technical fitness (Ex. Move-As-Is vs. Modernize, Containerization)

First Movers and Roadmap

What apps make the most sense to address initially (Fitness vs. Value vs. Complexity vs. Effort). Assist in developing a roadmap for all applications in the portfolio


Planning Platform

The planning platform assists in effective governance and providing visibility for all stakeholders for a complex Migration and Modernization project.
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Create, and manage a comprehensive modernization/migration plan
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Tracking and real time visibility across all tasks and stakeholders


Migration Portal

Manage the end-to-end migration project including the following:
Manage various assets, tasks, schedules, roles, and responsibilities
Develop a comprehensive migration execution plan
Migration tasks can be scheduled and executed (e.g., launch a virtual server, initiate a backup)
Realtime visibility across all areas for all stakeholders with dashboards and reports
Simplifies planning by assisting in grouping assets in migration waves based on various criteria and assignments based on pre-defined templates for tasks, roles, and responsibilities
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Deployment Platform

Q-Cloud - The “Infrastructure as Low Code” (IaLC) platform assists in deploying the target infrastructure and applications, and assists and migration and modernization of applications.
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Build the target environment using a “Low Code” approach reducing effort and duration
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Maintain all infrastructure configuration in a repository that provides greater visibility
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Sequencing and workflow with integration with other tools

Infrastructure as Low Code

A platform to simplify cloud deployments
Canvas, drag and drop capabilities to build the target cloud platform
Consolidate all infrastructure configuration in a single repository
Leverage Pre-defined templates for recommended practices-based landing zones
Generate code for further customization if required
Integration with Cloud API/SDKs, Orchestration and CI/CD tools
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