The No/Low code revolution

In order to democratize and accelerate the digital transformation efforts, Low / No code software development has gained popularity and is rapidly changing the technology landscape.

These newer technologies enable common citizen developers (users with no programming language experience) to develop software or services/capabilities and is considered an important movement towards higher productivity and rapid development. As per Forbes/Gartner – “These no code / low code capabilities are the pre curser to the fact that in 3-5 years as much as 65% of development will be done in house using no code low code which are complimented by AI software bots (robots)”.

The No/Low code development platform market is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2025 with an annual growth rate of over 25%. All major vendors including Salesforce, AWS (Honeycode, Sagemaker), Microsoft (Powerapps), Google (Appsheet) have introduced many No/Low code platforms and tools. Data science in general including No Code AI seems to be the next big thing.

We at appmodz, recently introduced a truly revolutionary and an alternate way to compose and deploy cloud infrastructure resources. Our "Q-Cloud" platform embraces the No-Code movement and simplifies deployments and enables one to compose, define and deploy infrastructure with none to minimal programming language experience. It accelerates deployments and saves over 50% of time and cost when compared to
using the other methods without having to write a single line of code.

Check this 2-minute animation/video on AWS networking 101 / primer and demonstrates the No Code capabilities of Q-Cloud.

We have developed easy to use templates for advanced use cases including best practices-based landing zones (Multiple VPC's, peering etc.), Custom VM's sets, and K8 deployments. The templates allow a user to get to a starting point where its relatively easier to get to application deployments and not worry about having to compose infrastructure from scratch.

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