July 1, 2021

New Capabilities And Reports For Actionable Insights

We are excited to release additional functionality with our Rationalization and Assessment Platform! This new functionality will assist our customers in developing a roadmap with actionable insights for their application modernization journey thus reducing the time and effort it takes to assess their portfolio.

The following reports are generated automatically and in real time:

  • Categorize applications with various dispositions for rationalization (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate/Modernize, and Eliminate/Retire)

These insights are based on Gartner’s recommendation of PACE layered application strategy and assists a customer to rationalize their portfolio and align their business strategy with the enterprise architecture. Applications are categorized based on their business value and quality.

  • Identify first movers

A customer can quickly identify the first movers from the application portfolio based on specific preferences. The preferences can be customized based on what is most important to a customer across the following criteria – Technical Fitness, Business Value, Risk, Quality, and Effort.

  • Quickly build a backlog for addressing gaps in security capabilities

The detailed report identifies gaps in specific security capabilities and assists a customer to build a backlog to fast track their cloud adoption and application modernization efforts.

The Application Rationalization and Assessment Platform is a suite of tools based on multi-criteria decision analysis and AHP methodology. A simple to use purpose-built survey tool simplifies data gathering and a set of built-in rules with the assessment engine allows customers to perform objective assessments removing any bias and thus reduce risk and help fast track modernization efforts.

Reach out to us for more information or partnership opportunities – info@appmodz.net