July 15, 2022

Deploy AWS EKS infrastructure using Q-Cloud

Deploying an AWS EKS infrastructure is complex and time consuming and involves deploying network infrastructure, IAM Roles/Policies, EKS Cluster and then Nodes.

Q-Cloud offers an alternate way to compose and deploy infrastructure and it generates the required code behind the scenes automatically. This method of deployment saves a considerable amount of time as compared to using the console to deploy each of the individual components or having to write all the necessary code for automation.

Learn in this 4 part video series, how Q-Cloud can be used to compose all the required infrastructure, visualize and deploy using no code technology.

Part 1 of 4 – Q-Cloud overview and concepts (3m:6s)



Part 2 of 4 - Deployment walkthrough of AWS VPC and Subnets (2m:55s)



Part 3 of 4 - Deployment walkthrough of AWS Routing and IAM components (3m:12s)



Part 4 of 4 - Deployment walkthrough of AWS EKS (3m:30s)